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    How can the Holidays be corrected?

    All of the holiday dates in my Palm Profile in the Calendar are one day earlier of the actual Holiday. Editing the holiday entries does not work. The Google Profile is correct, just not the Palm profile. A few posts have been made about it but no solutions.

    I don't understand how something like this can happen.

    Only thing I can figure out is to disable the Palm Profile for my calendar... that is, after celebrating St Patrick's day on the 16th & 17th.
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    I had this problem with YAHOO holidays. Everything that I tried on pre failed. I gave up on pre solutions. Created Google calendar with holidays, subscribed to it in Yahoo and then magically pre showed correct holidays. It does not make much sense but it works. Maybe you can invert it and subscribe to yahoo calendars on google. The only more ridiculous thing than doing it this way is getting wrong holidays on pre.

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