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    The title explains exerything....... BTW im on sprint and I KNOW THAT TECHNICALLY MOBILE HOTSPOT IS ONLY SUSPOSTA BE ON VERIZON however i would like to know where i can get it from
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    preware my friend .
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    Quote Originally Posted by neno23231 View Post
    preware my friend .
    Are you guessing? Because its not in there.
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    preware lol
    Je fais ce que je veux avec mes cheveux!!! Sprint: Pre+ 2.1
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    Google, is your friend in these situations It may be hard to find, and it doesn't seem to work on 1.4 yet...if ever. So you may not want to waste the time.

    My Tether seems to be working without too much trouble.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2_hotty View Post
    Are you guessing? Because its not in there.
    stop being lazy and look 4 it

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