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    I might sound like a big time child but I use facebook a lot. I am currently on a Windows Mobile device and their facebook app is slow and terrible. I saw a video of the new facebook app for webOS and it looks awesome, however I heard it doesn't show notifications... which is a real bummer... FB Chat isn't needed... although it's cool on my Girlfriend's Iphone..

    What is everyone's thoughts on this app, is it awesome? How does it compare to other OSs... Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry & Iphone??

    I'll be due for upgrade in April 1st ...and I want to get a Palm WebOS phone..
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    Well I say that the palm facebook app blows the windows mobile one out of the water, I've never used facebook on android or iphone before though. The only thing its missing is notifications but maybe they will add it later. They just updated the app maybe a week or two ago and it is awesome. I've had a windows mobile phone for the past 3 or 4 years and I was so happy to get away from it, webos is great.
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    the iphone one is bascially the mobile facebook version and i cant talk for the android one there seems to be an update coming people have a update poping up but now its gone again. probably it will have notification and video chat but u can get a facebook chat app that works ok so to make it short its way better then windows and blackberry once and well not as good as iphones but if u use the mobile version of facebook u have the iphone version bascially.
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    I still find that I use facebook in the browser and the primary reason for that is because there are no notifications on the mobile version. On the browser, the home screen tells me if there are any notification as well as if there are any new messages in the box. In the mobile version I actually have to go to the inbox to see if there are any messages, and there is no way to see notifications. I really hope they ad that soon, that would make it more useful for me.

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