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    I am the developer for the new shopwise comparison shopping app. The app is now available in the catalog. Shopwise allows to you search for a product by the name, UPC barcode number, read reviews, set price alerts.

    Please let me know any issues, comments or suggestions you may have for this app.
    I would also be interested in hearing what feature you think needs to be good addition.

    More info:

    Screenshots of all its features:

    Full Disclaimer: As I said above I am the developer of the app and this post is purely to request feedback/comments from other developers.

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    Is this sort of like the iphone price comparison app?
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    yes I have this app.. it is a decent app... it is not as full fledged as iphone or android, because those apps do automatic bar code recognition. With shopwise you to manually enter the name or barcode which is not as easy as just pointing your camera.. hope next set of palm devices have auto-focus and a better camera so we can get better apps that use them..
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    This apps on sale for $.99 (60% off) any one get this? I might.

    Selling my Palm things: just make an offer:

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