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    Is anybody out there using Chapura Pocket Mirror to sync up their Pre to Outlook tasks who is *also* using the Netcentric GTD Addin for Outlook? I'm set up on Outlook with the GTD addin/plugin and am wondering if Pocket Mirror will be able to handle the category overlays that are used with that. It seems from the Chapura site that they do support multiple categories per item and unlimited total categories, so that sounds promising, but no mention of the specific GTD add-in. Any experience or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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    I don't use the Getting Things Done plugin, but I can confirm that PocketMirror Tasks syncs multiple categories. It would be my guess that if you can create a new category on either platform, it will transfer faithfully to the other platform.
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    Update: I downloaded the trial version of Pocket it to work, but it's complicated. At my office, we have a separate wifi network for the phones than for the desktops, so I had to hotwire my desktop to link up with the network that the phones use. That worked, but I still need to chat with IT to find out if this is a long term solution. Second, the categories from Outlook didn't transfer to Pocket Mirror exactly, some are missing entirely and some are counted as tasks instead of categories. Still scratching my head on that part - it's not just the GTD addin categories, so I don't think that's the problem.

    The screen ui is really quite nice on Pocket Mirror - if I can solve the problems above I'll be sold on it. The only thing I don't like is that the sync has to happen in the presence of my office laptop and a wifi network - can't say that's a deal killer, but I'd rather a solution that was more flexible.
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    I think I've explored the full PocketMirror experience in the last couple of days - nice enough that I'm going to spend the $39 for a long term relationship. I was able to ask a couple questions of their support team via email and got quick responses both times. They confirm that the categories for "project" that are created in the GTD add-in for Outlook do not transfer as categories on PocketMirror...however, the keyword search function makes it possible to pull these up in a different way, so I think that works. It would be great if they came up in the dropdown menu, but a few keystrokes isn't such a big deal. I am so happy to have a way that my outlook "Notes" files are synced to the handheld - I really depend on using these for lists as described by The David.

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