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    How are these 2 apps alike / different?

    Have Stitcher, don't really use it that much. Might consider buying drPodder if it's really a lot better.
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    I believe DrPodder is the only one that allows you to download podcasts. The other stream. I like letting it download the podcasts over WiFi at home and them play with less battery usage, because no EVDO streaming.
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    yes the main advantage of drpodder is the ability to download the podcast and listen to them whenever and the option of streaming them as well.

    as the previuos poster said, it's such a battery saver to download them over wifi and then listen to them later.
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    also, drPodder automatically bookmarks your last position in the podcast. I don't think any of the streaming services do that
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    Does it give you access to a better selection of podcasts?
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    You can add any podcast you want to drPodder as long as you know the subscription RSS feed. It also has a podcast search function. And finally you don't need to download the podcast first (although I do it at home using the fast Wi-Fi). You can also stream it. So in a sense it's like Stitcher plus additional useful functions.
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    Stitcher is updated today. It now has a "resume" feature.
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    Don't forget about Mediafly. I like the fact that it stores your podacast online. If you replace or wipe your Pre you don't lose anything.
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    Stitcher and Dr podder are both great! Both load fast, stream, and resume where you left off. takes podcasts an makes them lower quality and smaller size so you can stream even with 1x data almost instantly. But some obscure podcasts might not be available. It's great but the data connection drains the battery fast.

    Dr. Podder has streaming but uses the original larger file. You can search for a podcast or add the Rss feed. Dr podder is great because it can download multiple podcasts at the same time (i do in the morning before commute) to be played later.

    I use both. Dr podder is worth the money if you want to download the podcasts.
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