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    Hello there,

    I recently purchased the Stickyman app and was able to use a custom background once.

    When I tried to change the background image again, the "Wallpaper successfully uploaded" notification shows up and then I get a black background to work with.

    I tried this with several images, restarted the phone (pre) a few times and even deleted and reinstalled the app with no luck.

    Has anybody else experienced this issue? I could not find this issue in this forum but I have seen a review for this app in the app catalog describing this issue.

    Thank you
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    The image you upload has to be in JPEG format. PNGs currently are not supported. Stickyman will also crop the image automatically, so you may want to create a 320x480 image on your computer.

    Sorry for the late response-- I don't usually check this forum. I recommend emailing me ( for a quicker response.
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