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    I don't know how to phrase a search on this, and I even had troubles creating the title.

    Pong Clock, which I really like, shows in the app catalog under 'Today' in the recent list. However, I've had the app since last week, and the app isn't showing as needing to be updated. Does anyone know what is going on or why? I have seen this before with Grooveshark, as well, where for a period of a week, it was showing up near the top of the recent list, but never required an update.
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    Heh, that happens all the time. Not sure why :>
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    I've seen it several times, too. At some point I might care enough to look for/want an answer, but that is not today.

    It might be a marketing ploy of some kind, push it towards the top to get the app more exposure. Not sure that's kosher, though, as there is a contest going on. I haven't noticed which apps do that, either. And I REALLY hope there isn't some pay-to-play scheme going on, because that would be all kinds of wrong.
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    It's most likely for Marketing but not in a bad way! Palm will show an app "Today" not only when the app itself is updated but when the description/meta-data is updated as well. Why? Who knows! I wouldn't worry to much about it though.
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