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    Just letting you know that a new version of Dropee recently hit the App Catalog with support for bookmarking and keeping track of old wallpapers.

    If you want a feature or find any bugs let me know.
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    What's On? is a TV Guide application where you can tell it what show's you want to follow and it will keep track of when they are on next.. There is also a TV Schedule. A beta release should be coming in the next few days... There are a couple of kinks I need to work out.

    Feel free to suggest features.

    EDIT: Some company contacted me and said that they have the name "What's On?" trademark for a similar app on the iPhone and Android. So this app will now be know as "Tune In"
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    Brillant. CAN NOT WAIT

    if you need tester in Hawaii Time Zone Im here.
    Can be tricky though because sometimes shows come on 5 hours earlier than eastern like its supposed to and sometimes it comes on AT central time. its really weird here for tv that isnt live
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    I have been waiting for an app like this since I ditched my iPhone. Would love to see this in action.

    Are you going to be publishing it to the AppScoop or whatever Palm's alternate method for app delivery is? Or will this just be in Homebrew while it's in beta?

    Either way, thanks for working to make this a reality. This will fill a gaping hole in the app lineup for me.
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    Looks good; this is definitely somethign WebOS is missing. Hopefully you're planning to cover areas outside the US also?
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    is this gonna be xmltv-based or some online service?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Robitaille View Post
    is this gonna be xmltv-based or some online service?
    It uses an online service. However, this is the first time I have ever heard of XMLtv and will have to look into it.
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    Very nice color schemes!!!
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    Nice idea and great design and concept. I've used TitanTV listings for years, but it is not the most convenient thing and I can see this being much easier.

    Suggestions may include a full TV listing or guide for our area or zip code. Basically, that way we can see whatever is online and playing now and watch from there.

    If you would like more help testing your product, just let me know and keep up the great work!!!

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    Fantastic... looks pretty close to TVForecast, an iphone app / OSX Dashboard widget I couldn't live without.

    Can't wait to test... and please God don't charge 100 dollars for it, because I'll be forced to pay that on the spot D;

    Super pumped. Also, by chance, is the web-backend TVRage?
    Just waiting for the day my Pre has contacts grouping, and a "speed dial" for text messaging
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    Looks Great! Will there be an option that will show a description of episode? Will there also be a way to tell if episode is new or rerun?
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    cant wait fo this one!!!
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    looks fab. Cannot wait to try it out!
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    Man ilve been begging handmark or now defunct zavel (?) to continue this app way back when.

    even recently I tried to find a solition... And being most website/webos browser just don't work well listing tv guide pages (leaks, flash etc) I was only able to use (half decent) AOL's Tv Guide page. Sadly it would cause me to reboot my Pre if I navigated too much around those types of webpages....

    so, to my point. THANK YOU.
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    Looking forward to this.

    Also, I know that with DirecTV, you can use a computer to have your dvr record a show.

    That would be an interesting feature worked into a Pre tv guide application.
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    What will this be called? Cant wait!
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    Is it going to work for different TV providers? For example, Comcast may not be showing the same stuff Direct TV is, since they have different channels available. Love the concept.
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    I see you have a app for "grooveshark" is it available for download?
    Help a guy thats down and out on his luck..
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    Stop with the teasing. We want it.
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