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    Quote Originally Posted by michaelp68 View Post
    Looking forward to this.

    Also, I know that with DirecTV, you can use a computer to have your dvr record a show.

    That would be an interesting feature worked into a Pre tv guide application.
    i would love an app the i could use to record with my verizon dvr
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    Bump for an update... i Neeeeed this app
    Just waiting for the day my Pre has contacts grouping, and a "speed dial" for text messaging
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    me too!!!! becuz i dont have dvr lol
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    Need a dish network tester? Let me know.
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    like above... Except I can be a Palm Pre tester. :-)
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    I'll beta test. Let me know.
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    Awesome. I like the idea a lot. Count me in as a beta tester (over the air HD).
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    I've been waiting for an app like this but out of curiosity, have you considered making the reminders, etc integrate with the Palm Calendar app? It only seems natural as other apps such as Fandango, OpenTable, etc have the ability to insert time slots into your Palm Calendar.
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    soooo... what happened to this?
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    Looks useful, I'm exited for the beta release!
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    It's in the app catalog, $1.99-Tune In. It works but not completely. Hopefully it will get updated with a few fixes.
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    Many shows do not show up. Also skips a week: earliest show is March 1. CBS is missing from network list in schedule.
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    Quote Originally Posted by becrazy2 View Post
    It's in the app catalog, $1.99-Tune In. It works but not completely. Hopefully it will get updated with a few fixes.
    found it! haha. i simply missed it among the 100-someodd apps that show when you search for tune in. thanks!
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    No update lately... Does that mean that there's little hope for those of us for whom the app flat out doesn't save any info or even show any programming?

    I know I paid less than a cup of coffee, but I'd like to see it 'try' to work first... Please?
    I left feedback/review... No response.

    please contact me. I simply don't have it able to run and work.

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    After the 1.4 update from Palm this weekend, this site looks great on the Palm pre.

    TiVo Mobile scheduling lets you use your iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm Pre, or other cell phone to schedule recordings on your TiVo DVR. With TiVo Mobile, you can:

    View current TV listings
    Search for shows by title, actor, director, or keyword
    Browse lists of most popular shows or daily picks.
    When you find a show you want to record, simply decide whether you want to record just that episode or every episode of the series, then TiVo Mobile will send the recording request to your TiVo DVR.

    To get the TiVo Mobile application, just go to on your phone's web browser.

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    would like a TV guide app that was fluid...
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    the last time I tried to use Tune In it won't show any of my shows. I restarted my phone. Deleted and reinstalled the app and tried too add shows back to my list, but still nothing. For example I added the show 24 which is on tonight and it won't show up. I really liked this app. What's wrong?
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    I just purchased this app a couple days ago and it worked perfect at first. A few days later it is worthless and not working. Please fix this app of give me my money back
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    Any update on this app?
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