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    These apps seem similar . What's the difference? Advantages of one over the other?
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    both are a waste of time.. Unless you have friends on it or live in a big city where places use it (coupons etc)
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    could someone post the gowalla app? i'm in an "unofficial country", and with the ipk fetcher rendered useless, i can't give it a spin! pretty please?
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    The developer for Foursquare has posted that new updates will come this week for foursquare so it'll be easier to compare the two apps. I just read a Mashable article where more mashable readers liked Foursquare check in service, then Yelp, then Gowalla. But if all your friends are using Gowalla, then that one is for you.

    I just started using Foursquare since the app came out. Haven't gotten any coupons. so its purely a time waster. but a fun time waster. I find that before I go into the parking garage at the grocery store, I find it necessary to stop my car outside before i lose connection JUST so I can check into foursquare
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    I've been using Foursquare for about 5 months now because they had a mobile site and an app, whereas Gowalla has been iPhone only until now. Foursquare seems to have more support from companies/restaurants, while Gowalla seems to have a superior interface and better info. I'm curious to see what Foursquare's updates this week look like.

    Both are a fun waste of time
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    My comments in the Foursquare vs. Gowalla Poll thread: So far Foursquare is the winner for me, and I've even gotten a couple of coupons!
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