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    Hi there,

    I'm looking for a menstrual calendar for my Pre I mean for WebOS.

    Any suggestion?
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    There is nothing out there right now. You could just put that in your calendar as a reoccurring event??

    edit - ya, pink pad, sorry. For some reason I was thinking perhaps animals was what you were looking for. As in breading horses or something.
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    There is an app called Pink Pad in teh catalog for $4.99. It may be what you are looking for, check it out.
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    There is one, it's called Pink Pad, its in the app catalog and it costs 4.99 might be more than you wanted to spend, but that's what I found. Not sure what you want it to do specifically, but it seems to estimate the time till your next period, and provide a range of most fertile days.
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    I've been using Pink Pad. It's ok. I still like FemDays for the Palm OS better (FemDays runs just fine with Classic). It sounds weird to say this, but Pink Pad is too frilly. I just want an annoted, specialized calendar where I can look at the monthly view and see everything associated with a particular day, like FemDays does. I do like Pink Pad's launch screen that collates the important info, but I don't need a cute flower motif.
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    It looks like good application but I can't access App Catalog.

    I will wait for homebrew version...

    Thank you.
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