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    What's the deal with the Bible apps and mostly KJV or RSV? Come on. Where are the "modern" translations like NIV, TNIV, or NLT? Can't someone make a WebOS Bible with a recent translation? And Olive Tree is pretty sorry when it comes to WebOS. They tell you to use Classic and run it through that. And they won't answer emails.
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    those translations are copywriten so they would need to pay to use them and get permission to distribute and all that. So the app would be expensive or at least not free.
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    Have you checked out the "Bible" app by Does it have what you are looking for?
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    simple bible, the first bible app for webOS and a homebrew graduate that started right here in our forums offers the NET bible for download, as well as the world english bible.

    net bible was published in 1998 and the world english bible is an ongoing translation update.

    those might suit your needs.

    not to mention that simple bible says they are adding NIV and NLT to the group of available translations. you can, if you are so inclined, add it manually, but i'm not sure how involved a process that would be.

    check out there website faq, email them, they have been webos homebrewers since day one

    Bits Of God Software FAQ
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    i am part of the simple bible team and this is a quote from our february 1st website update:

    "While we have been meddling with Pro for more than a month now, I’m happy to tell you all that the 1.0.x release of Simple Bible means that Pro will now have our full attention (other than fixing any bugs we find in SB). We still don’t have a timeline yet, but we will be sure to let it be known once we do.

    Another bit of good news is that Laridian is saying that Simple Bible Pro users should have access to all the same materials that are currently available for their iPhone app PocketBible. This is not a guarantee but I’m told it is their goal to make this happen for us and our users. If you are curious just what translations and other books should be available, head on over to Laridian’s Pocket Bible Site for the details."

    and for those that don't know, we have entered into a relationship with Laridian where we provide the application for WebOS devices and they provide the content.

    we can not discuss any details (unfortunately) concerning specific content and it's availability through Simple Bible Pro, but we are all working towards the goal that everyone is sharing with us.
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    Ok, thanks for the info. I have looked at both of these, and actually had both on my Pre. Simple Bible certainly has some potential, with some work. The Net Bible or World English are not really what I am looking for. But the Pro version sounds like it might be good, especially with some other translations.

    The Bible from is interesting and also has some potential. It seems more like a website (which it is) versus an app. But it has a lot of translations and even though it is dependent on an Internet connection, seems to work pretty good. It also has some nice features.

    Ok, I will watch these and look for any others in the near future. Thanks for the work you all do.
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    I'm also anxiously awaiting this app. I've had Laridian products in the past so I'm looking forward to this app since I won't have to repurchase all my translations.

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