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    Is there any one else having problems with nesem after installing update 1.4.0., or some one who has a fix for this besides geting version back on the device. I've installed update 1.4.0 and first thing I did after was use nesem, the game that I had selected worked fine, when I had exited this app nesem, my pre froze and restarted. The next thing that I had done after after repeting these steps previously mentioned, was to use webos doctor and reinstall update 1.4.0 and every thing else including the nesem app. Further more what was even worse, was that this time when I registered this app and clicked on the register icon, imediatly the pre froze and restarted not allowing my registration or roms over 40kb to load. If any one has a solution for this or any problem with other apps as a result installing update 1.4.0, it would be very much appreciated.
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    NesEM is now updated to be 1.4 compliant - you can update using Preware or visit the thread

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