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    So I'm not sure when this occured but none of my internet radio apps work.

    Slacker lets me sign in and when I choose a station it returns an error" There was a problem starting this station. Please log in again"

    Pandora goes to a station but just sits there spinning.

    Grooveshark hangs when I select play now.

    I have no problems opening any webpages however so the data connection appears to be good.

    I doctored the phone to an older version (like 1.3 i think) and then upgraded back to 1.4 but still have the same result.

    Anyone got any ideas?
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    There are reports like this from different people in various threads. In my own instance I can use RadioTime just fine but can't use Ampachpre over wifi at work (I can at home, however). Others can't use Ampachpre over EVDO or wifi. Others can't use internet radio apps at all. I doctor'd and did a reset (though keeping the USB) and still have this issue.

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