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    There used to be an app in the app catalog called "Groovee" that was an app made to stream Grooveshark. But now I no longer see it in the catalog. Is this because Grooveshark made them take it down or something? You can still get to it from the feeds though. This is thelink to it from your phone

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    Open apps, hit explore, scroll to music and tap open, then open Radio/Broadcast and it't there.
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    Grooveshark app makes you sign up for premium service, does Groovie?
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    yes it will need vip too. (though Grooveshark said something about making it free )

    groovee wasn't ready to be realeased accorfing to the dev. Grooveshark did not take it down.
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    oh. i see. but as of right now i am using it fine without the subscription. but the dev says the new api will only allow for vip users. does this mean that if i update once the new update comes out that i will no longer be able to use it without a subscription? that would suck after paying two dollars for it. especially since it was not it the description when i bought it. otherwise i wouldn't have. i don't want to be a vip member so i would have wasted two bucks on an app i could never use.
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    spongebob.. I heard Grooveshark is thinking about not requiring a membership.. wait a bit longer.

    thought it needed a new logo.. colors are not set

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    update: still using groovee app without any problems while grooveshark won't even let me use the so called "free and unlimited" radio play.
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    Where are you guys seeing the groovee app? I went under music, radio/broadcasting, and there is no app in there called groovee.
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    it's no longer inthe app catalog. They pulled it because they said they weren't ready to release it. But I had downloaded it before they took it out of the catalog.

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