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    I am very excited for Palm with back to back good news about 1.4 update & video recording and then Facebook app update. I am having issues and I hope someone can clear it for me or advice me to the right source where I can get information.

    I am having issues with video share feature that upload my video to facebook. I cant see any setting where I can choose my privacy (instead of share video to EVERYONE I can choose my friends or friends of friends or customize users to who I want to share my video to). Instead I dont get that option and all my videos automatically share to everyone by default.

    So I researched this issue and went to my facebook page and changed my privacy settings/profile information/ photos and videos of me (Tagged) to customized and specific users chosen. I also tried to change application settings for application VIDEO to specific users.

    Still when I upload video it goes to everybody unless u go to each video and change setting for that specific video. In this way video still shares to everyone for a minute or two until you go to setting after upload completes on regular site and change private setting for the video.

    Is there a way to permanently put all video uploads to private until I choose to share? On both YouTube and Facebook. Any help is appreciated.

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    Hi, this isn't an option at the moment. I've already sent feedback to palm (Palm USA | Mobile Products for Consumers, Professionals, and Businesses) about this privacy issue - if we all send feedback regarding this then perhaps they will implement something.

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