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    Lately I have had to tether my pre using USB for a lot of file management, namely renaming video files to keep them from being overwritten. I have searched all of the app catalogs and have not found a file management application for WebOS. Since WebOS is programmed in HTML, CSS and Javascript, is it even possible to create a file manager that will allow us to move and rename files on our WebOs devices? If someone knows of a WebOS file manager or can create one - I think this would be a high demand application.
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    Internalz found in Preware/webOS Internals.
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    Internalz, great app.
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    I have it installed and I don't have the option for renaming files..
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    Jason Robitaille is the Dev and is busy on a multitude of things, but he posted recently that a 2.0 update is due out soon-ish. I believe he said the new release would allow renaming of files.

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