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    Can you explain this further? How do you reset your apps? And what's the difference between resetting apps and deleting them? It sounds like you're saying you have to do both?
    I think he meant "reset the phone" as in Device Info - Reset Options - Erase Apps and Data (or some other option)... Almost like a webos Doctor restore

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    I posted a screenshot of the updated app on Facebook through the program itself (pretty meta) and made my Blackberry friends jealous.
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    Having a great time adding features into the FB app with @bgalbs and @kpdecker. Can't wait to get a new beta version out.
    From Dion Almaer's twitter account (Dion Almaer (dalmaer) on Twitter)

    I think this app is already really solid, but it also has lots of potential because of who's developing it. Major win for palm.
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