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    Hello. Tried connecting my Pre Plus to a Droid and it wont pair. Droid says "Paired but not connected" and i notice on the Pre in bluetooth connections that it is always looking for an audio device. When it finds it it has an icon of the name of the phone and a phone icon. How do I connect my Pre Plus to my Droid? Am I doing it right? I just want to transfer pics from my Droid I am selling to my Pre Plus.
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    WebOS does not currently have the ability to send or receive files by bluetooth. Don't ask me why, it's a pretty basic function. I suspect it's from a legal/copyright perspective. In any case, this is the reason you can't pair with your Droid.
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    Does anyone have any clue if there is a homebrew app or patch that wil allow the transfer of files via bluetooth?? Seem like a basic thing to have.

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