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    I saw an ad for the Pre Plus saying that there's an ap that'll allow the Pre to be a 3G wifi hot spot that'll let other users connect to it.

    Is this available on the Sprint non-plus Pre...?
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    the sprint TOS do not allow tethering on their network so there is no official mobile hot spot app. that being said, look around in this forum a bit and you will find myriad ways to get wi-fi tethering on sprint (of course at your own risk of violating your contract.)
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    god telecommunications companies SUCK.

    thanks, though.
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    He didn't say no to your answer, so don't give up. Search mobilehotspot and your dreams will be granted (in a few days cause hotspot is broken at the moment)
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    in the palm app catalog?
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    oh I don't feel like dealing w/ that stuff. It's not that important to me.
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    I have a couple videos on this here- YouTube - PalmPreExpert's Channel

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