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    I was just noticing how inaccurate or fluffed the search engine is in the app catalog. I did a search for Monopoly and it gave a results list with Monoply as 3rd in the list. The only way it was at the top is if my filter setting is set to A-Z. But why would Need for Speed come up in my search results? Why add suggestions to my search results? If there is a app called monopoly then that should be the only app that appears in my results. Thoughts reasoning behind this.
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    I think it's actually a little more helpful because if you can't find the app you want, it will at least provide similar alternatives. (In your case, another game.) But I do agree with you that if an app title matches the search exactly it should be pushed to the top of the list. This would make it a little easier when you actually know which app you want to buy.

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