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    I've been sorely missing a decent calendar app. I loved DateBk on my Treo but AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $Pimlico$ $has$ $no$ $intention$ $of$ $developing$ $for$ $WebOS$. $However$, $I$ $just$ $received$ $an$ $email$ $today$ $from$ $Iambic$ $stating$ $that$ $they$ $were$ $acquired$ $by$ $SplashData$:

    "If you haven't heard, SplashData has acquired iambic, combining the resources of two of the most respected and established developers of mobile productivity software. We are very excited to have the opportunity to work on Agendus and expand its features as well as bring it to new mobile platforms such as Android and webOS."

    Over on the Iambic forums, they've been tight-lipped about webOS even with all the pressuring posts, but now at least they're admitting that it's "on their radar".
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    that is great news! let's hope it will come this year
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    I hope so. I would certainly get Agendus for WebOS if it supports tight calendar/contact integration, contact history and all the great Agendus contact management features.
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    Doesn't Palm limit what PIM data an app can grab? My understanding is that an app can only grab PIM data that it creates... Can anyone clarify?
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    Agendus definitely coming to WebOS hopefully sooner than later
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    WebOS needs a powerfull PIM and I hope that Palm will allow directly maipulating PIM data...Apple doesn't allow that and that was one of the main reasons I originally left the iPhone platform for Windows Mobile...
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    Well have a look at Agendus for the iPhone and you'll find that it's no screamin' hell or I would have made the switch already.
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    The iPhone doesn't allow direct access to the internal databases. Pocket Informant is another victim of this tactic. Actually the only OS that gives full access is..(don't laugh) Windows Mobile!!
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    Ditto, I'm an ex DateBk6 user. As they don't seem interested in webOS I'll be keen for Agendus if it's feature rich
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    i can't wait!
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    Palm does still currently limit one application accessing another's database. I'm hoping they change that, or possibly even allow a special exception here.

    That said, have some of you that are anxiously awaiting this app taken a look at what they had for the Pre? Pay special attention to the price. I'm not sure how well Agendus is going to be accepted into a community where folks, for the most part, seem to think an app that costs more than $10 is a rip-off.

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    Not only is it good news that Agendus may be ported, but it's even better news that SplashData acquired them. Iambic used to release buggy software during so many of their first releases of each "new version" that I learned not to even look at them before x.x.2 and I often delayed installing them until x.x.3. SplashData seems to have a better record of getting good software out the door the "first time".
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    Oh sweet software gods! I've been waiting for Agendus since the Pre was released. I had my ol' centro maxed out. Loved it for planning vacations and other associated events. I will pick up the most feature rich version offered.

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    I'll keep an eye on it. I like Agendus fine, was pretty much a must-have on PalmOS. If it doesn't integrate with WebOS contacts and calendar, though.........dunno. Would be kindof a pain to buy Agendus, then spend the time to move everything over manually. Though.......can't you import Google calendar into Outlook? Don't recall......if you can do that, then sync Outlook to Agendus, still one too many steps, but a heck of a lot better than doing it all one at a time.
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    I really hope this pans out. As an early Action Names/Action Names Datebook/Agendus user and long-time DateBkx user, I am REALLY missing what these apps offer. I can't even describe how bummed I am that CEASD isn't planning DateBk for webOS. I had even been considering a thread championing to developers the HUGE opportunity (read: void) I perceive right now on the webOS platform: a good calendar enhancement app.

    Fingers crossed......

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    The contract mgr with the Pre SUCKS....I want something like Agendus where I can link the contact to an appointment...and options for snooze, etc...this SUCKS!

    And I'm a long time Palm fan....
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    This is one hell of a horizon.
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    must not be on their...agenda.

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    Now this is the sort of Synergy I can really get behind. I love my Pre. It's so much more capable than my 755 was, but man I miss Agendus.
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    Excellent news. For now Ubercalendar is getting better every day.
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