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    Last year this app allowed me to download my team's schedule right into my calendar. Is there a way to do that this year?
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    You get more detailed information if you just add your team schedule to Google Calendar via iCal.

    Click "Regular Season Schedule" for your team here:

    Team-by-Team Schedule | Schedule

    Then on the left side navigation you'll see downloadable schedule.

    Click that. Then in the right column, you should see:

    "or copy iCal URL here:"

    Copy that URL, and go to your Google Calendar.

    Hit the Add Button on the bottom left, and then choose "Add by URL" and paste this URL into the box, and it'll then sync with your Pre's Google Calendar.

    This is better because it shows predicted pitching matchups as well as what channel the game is going to be on.
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    Nice. Works great. TY,

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