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    Since the update all is good except file coaster and quicken online mobile site not loading.

    File coaster acts like it is working says it is loading apps then it times out or just keeps the circle but dosen't move and then my brightness unlinked then comes up and is running in the background.

    Quicken mobile site is just a white page.

    any one else having problems any ideas? Help
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    same issue w/ 1.4
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    Yep, File Coaster has gone on the blink for me too. VZW Pre Plus with 1.4

    - Steve
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    Also broke on my Sprint Pre with 1.4
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    Same here and my sons pre as well
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    are there any cure for this?
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    thanks I'm glad I'm not the only one that is having a problem with these areas but is there any one that might have a idea or just wait till file coaster get an update? Any ideas about quicken mobile site? should bring up a long in screen but its just a blank white page?

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    Since the last update i cant get file coaster to work either any one have any suggestions
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    I have moved on to Preware. I'm also on Sprint with an original Pre. Is there something Filecoaster can do that Preware can't? I loved Filecoaster at first, but I kept hearing about this Preware thing. Once I jumped on board, I haven't looked back.
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    I have also move to prewere I guess the mobile quicken site will just be broken I have used another pre and its 1.4 that is not allowing this site to work any help?????
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    same here,,it needs an update I guess

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