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    Ever since updating to 1.4 and installing PreWare and patches, I can no longer successfully stream accuradio, slacker radio, etc over BT. I would stream music from these apps every single night without issues prior to 1.4 and patches. Currently, the music plays for maybe 1-2 songs and then just stops streaming. I am trying to narrow down the cause, anyone else have this problem?
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    I've been having the same issue while using the internal speaker. Everything works ok if I don't use wifi, so I've been sticking with that as my workaround. I've seen lots of posts about the internet radio apps not working at all, so I guess we're lucky that we can get into them at all, right? I wish I had more of a fix for you, but at least you know you're not alone.
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    Here is what I have noticed with this issue:

    With Wifi on: Slacker, pandora, etc will only stream for about 1-2 songs and then will freeze. I have to reset the phone in order to play music from any programs.

    With Wifi off: All music apps seems to work fine when streaming over bluetooth. I am able to listen to them for hours without any issues.

    There definitely seems to be an issue with bluetooth and wifi on at the same time when trying to stream music. I am not aware of any way to fix this other than turning off Wifi before you want to us the apps.
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    I'll confirm this has been happening for me even before 1.4 came out. I've been able to hit the play/pause button a few times on the headset and the stream will resume, but it's certainly not ideal. Only on WiFi, no problems over EV.

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