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    I know there are some ICD-9 codes apps for Palm OS. I would like to see a native webOS version that contains and allows one to search for ICD-9 codes.
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    That would be amazing.
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    Well for the meantime, I've been using this website on the webOS browser (webOS 1.4) and it seems to work well...

    Online ICD9/ICD9CM codes
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    I'm still using MeisterMed via iSilo in Classic. Not ideal, but better than nothing. Also hoping for a native app.
    Works like nothing else!
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    i was hoping Pepid had it but apprently not. thanks for the mobile link.
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    (ICD-9 AAFP look up tool online)
    this is perfect, you don't even have to have a native web os program, just google the site, and add a shortcut page to the launcher at the preferences.
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    FYI Lexi-Comp has ICD codes.
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    I use on my browser, works nicely

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