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    Hello there guys

    Iīve been worried about my own security and all haha, cause every time i want to skip song when i plug my Pre to my car`s aux input, i get distracted and have almost crashed several times :S. (due to the need of looking at my Preīs screen and clicking on it)

    So my question is, is there a patch so i can use the volume buttons to change track? like the one used to take the photo in the camera?

    this could help me out a lot,,, and if there isnīt one, could someone make it? plissss, cause i know nothing about programing .... hihi

    thank you all
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    I use the "More Standby Times" patch in Preware and set my screen on my Pre to "never turn off" in the "Screen & Lock" app when I am listening to music on my Pre when I am driving, that way when I want to change a song I don't have to unlock the screen thus it only takes a quick glance to do the procedure.
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    thanks a lot
    but anyway, one would need to take a look at the screen (itīs the same as if i just press the unlock button and click on the small ''next'' , ''back'' or ''pause'' icons that appear at the bottom-right side of the screen) thatīs what i want to avoid
    and your way would drain my battery as well :P , not mentioning if youīre over 3G :S

    some ''hold down button to change track'' patch would be awesome,,, just as in the sony ericssonīs walkman phones.

    thanks again
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    Oh sorry, forgot to ask, I have a Touchstone charger mounted right next to my steering wheel so my Pre is always charging, plus it gives me instant access to my Pre.

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