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    Anyone here know how to back up the game save for need for speed?
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    you cant
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    Quote Originally Posted by rxs2k View Post
    Anyone here know how to back up the game save for need for speed?
    a very complex way buy it works is what i do. Every now and then i doctor my pre because it is sooo hacked. What i do is use internalz, and go under media/crytofs/usr/palm/applications/ and go to the application you wnat to save data. Then copy it to the media internal folder. Connect to your cpu and copy it to ur desktop. You will need to have palm's sdk install ( you can get it at and once you do, (if you are on windows) click start, run, and type cmd. then place the folder you copied under C:\documents and Settings\(your user account)\ and with the command prompt, type,
    palm-package (application folder name)
    and it will create the ipk file right near the folder. Then once it is complete and you want to restore it, type
    palm-install (the application id)
    If you need any help on it, just message me.
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    Hi Rod,

    Thanks for your input.

    I'm hoping you can help me out a bit more... I'm such a noob it's sad. (I'm learning about java this year and am starting to learn linux and programing.)

    I followed your link and understand what the program does however I have no idea what do to with it.

    I tried searching google, and looked at some of the resources on the wiki page...

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    I went onto IRC and cryptk helped me out on how to run the script but the script returns errors.

    : not foundline 2:
    : not foundline 4:
    : not foundline 6:
    : not foundline 9:
    ./nfs.txt: line 12: syntax error: word unexpected (expecting "then")

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