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    Hey guys, I've been all over the internet looking for an answer for this -to no avail, and so I find myself here at PreCentral. I'm currently on a BB Pearl and am looking for to upgrade to a Plus at Verizon. However, the keyboard is holding me back. With SureType on my Pearl I average about 54wpm, and I would hate to lose that in my migration to WebOS. So my question; is there any app or the possibility for a SureType-esque keyboard on the Pre? On Android there are programs like TouchPal and the Better Keyboard which offer a SureType view for on-screen typing, so is there any chance we could see something like that on the Pre? I'm in love with WebOS, and I hate to say this, but I find myself slipping slowly towards Android since it has that option...please, please! Someone give me reason not to make such a deleterious mistake!

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    because a real qwerty is far better than suretype once you adjust and the only android with a qwerty on vzw is the droid which has a ****ty qwerty
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    I know there's going to be a learning curve adjusting to a Qwerty, but I could never honestly see myself typing faster on a Qwerty than you really think one could type 54wpm or faster on the Pre's tiny keyboard?
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    According to Dieter Bohn's initial review, he said he gets 40-45 wpm. Though he said he was also adjusting to QWERTYs again. So I am sure you will easily get to 54wpm with practice.
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    Coming from a blackberry storm, a suretype keyboard is MUCH easier to type on than a portrait touch full qwerty keyboard. The physical keyboard on the pre will always be best but I would love the option of having a ST as well.
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    40-45? Wow, that's impressive. Perhaps I was mistaken to make that assumption. That would be awesome to get that fast. And yes, I know it is easier. Actually though, the SureType keyboard on the Storm was even faster for me than on Pearl, due to the bigger key size and more separation. I'd say I was doing around 60-65wpm on the Storm 2 in the store. Shame I'm sick to death of BB OS...
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    You will love webOS. Even if it doesn't have SureType, I am sure you will adjust and get along just fine without it, albeit a little slower.

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