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    So now that we have the update, does anyone know of a voice memo solution for the Pre? I really miss that feature from the Treo. I'd also like to be able to record my phone conversations.
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    one button quick too
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    I also would like something like this, albeit not for voice memos and just for general recording. I'm surprised there's no solution to this considering all the interest in it.
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    If you need voice recording right this minute you could use the new video player and record your memo that way since it records audio as well. Another way of looking at it is that you can also tke a video of what your reminding your self for or just cover the lens and it will be just voice. It looks like the video is taking 2mb/10 second clip of video. As for recording phone calls your gonna have to wait.
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    This depends on whether or not the new SDK gives us access to the mic.
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    I am here to tell you that voice memo/recording works splendidly with the new video recording capability!!!
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    (Now if my patches, which with 1.4 became just placeholders, would become REAL patches again ....)
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