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    Is anyone using "super contacts"? Is there a way to import all contacts into it, or does it have to be done maunally?
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    What are super contacts? I don't see this anywhere...

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    I have SuperContacts+. The opening screen presents you with a "+" icon. tap this and you are brought to your Pre contact list. Tap a contact and it is tranfered to SuperContacts+., one contact at a time. I see no way to import yet. It will have name and company ( I think), no address. You will have access to phone, IM, email, Etc. The good thing, for me, is the ability to sort contacts into groups.
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    yeah, groups has been my biggest sore spot on this phone. Guess l'll pass on it until palm gives contact access,, thanks for your help.
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    Hello Redninja.

    I see the product in this link:


    I'm buying the Pre based on this products existance. I need categories. I hope I am making the right choice.


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