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    just wondering... I've finished the first "race through the forest" level...Level 3 of the Green [sic] Area...and instead of moving on to the next level or challenge...I got thrown back to the entrance of the same "race" level again!!

    has this happened to anyone...and if so, how do I finish it? Do I need a certain amount of points to finish? I just want to get past it 'cause I HATE racing against the clock like this! Any thoughts?? Thanks so much....
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    Click in the center of the main screen where you select the levels, it should take you to a boss fight... Unless I'm misunderstanding what you're saying, in that case I dunno
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    yeah...sorry 'bout that! I just now figured it out! stupid, huh?

    on another anyone having as much trouble with the location of the power and volume buttons while playing games? Especially Castle Of Magic!! It's really frustrating that I can't seem to find a way to NOT hit one of those buttons while playing this If I reposition to avoid the volume button, I hit the power button and vice versa! Problem is...I can't really think how Palm could have forseen this so I hope future WebOS Devices will take gameplay into account before finalizing hardware specs! What say all of you? Any problems like I am facing...or is it just my hands being too large? Oh's only a BIG hassle with this game as it happens quite frequently...whereas the other hames, not so much.
    still having fun, though! We've come a long, long way from me playing Snake on my 1997 Nokia Digital Phone from Voice Stream! (Whatever happened to them, btw?)
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    I cradle my phone in both hands with the gesture area to my right. I use my thumbs to play the games. I have big ole man hands and I don't touch the volume or the power button. I'm actually kinda of curious how you manage to hit either one???

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