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    There is a post on this issue, but it was closed from any questions.

    Is there still a way to hack the MGraig so I can view the personals section? I bought the MGraig version that was released first; thinking it would allow me to see the personals section, but I was told that Needed the Pro version; which showed up later. Since I had never used the app before, I had no idea there was a Pro version. And the whole point for me in downloading the app; is to view the dating personals section. And on the Treo site they list a ahck, but it's for an older version. So I just wanted to see if this is possible. I'm never going to waste anymore money on apps from that company; so the hack would be the only way I can view the personals area on the app I have now.

    If not; is there other dating apps?

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    the wiki had somthing about a jack on there I don't use mcraig bit I remember that being one of the first tweaks when the pre came out I don't know if it is still valid but you could try it.


    Don't know if it still works but that should help you.
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