First I want to make it perfectly clear I am not flaming any apps I believe the fail install has nothing to due with the app itself I just want to post what I have observed and how I was able to install an app that failed to install from the app catalog.

Now for those that have not experienced this let me explain what happens. You download an app from the app catalog it downloads just fine and goes to install. You get the pop up notification that says it installed but wait the app catalog still says installing and it's stuck there. If you go to the launcher you see a slightly grayed out icon with a circle on it. Tapping on the icon just takes you to the app catalog and does not launch the app you only recourse is to uninstall the app.

Now for my observation.

I've had this problem with 3 different apps preader, Geocaching for webos and most recently tonight with independent film. What I observed is that all 3 are homebrew graduates and all 3 use the exact same version number when going from homebrew to the app catalog. Also all 3 are offered in the app catalog for free my solution will most likely not work if the app is a paid app however I have not seen the failed install on a paid app as of yet.

Now for my solution but first I must mention that I never had any of the 3 apps installed from Preware prior to my having the install problem. So what I did was to simply install the app from Preware after doing so the app catalog now shows that I have the app installed furthermore when the problem apps and in this case both preader and Geocaching for webos both have had updates recently I was able to install the updates from both of those apps through the app catalog not Preware without any issues at all the 3rd app has not had an update yet but I am certain it will do just fine when that happens.

I have no idea why this happens for a some apps and not others but maybe my observations will help someone in figuring this out provided the much anticipated 1.4 update does not fix it in the mean time just get the app from Preware and all should be good. Whatever you do please stop posting a review with 0 stars in he app catalog there is nothing wrong with the app and your review serves no purpose except to lower the rating of a perfectly good app.