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    @petvas: I fixed the bug in 0.3.5. I think the white screen appears because of the flash widgets at the bottom of this item.
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    I can confirm that the white screen issue has been resolved. Thank you!
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    Hello, here you can find a little video demo of SaleZ Lite (in german language).

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    I suggest adding the ability to sort by total price etc
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    Quote Originally Posted by cnote1287 View Post
    I suggest adding the ability to sort by total price etc
    This feature will be available soon in the full version of SaleZ.
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    there's a new update available in the AppCatalog. Many new features like BuyItNow, detaild seller feedback, ebay messages, search suggestion and more!
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    today SaleZ Lite 0.6.2 hits the AppCatalog. This update includes a very cool feature: Notifications!!!

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    Any further development on this app?
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    Will you make full version of Salez in the future?

    Will it possible to support more then one ebay account in your app? If I want to manage two different ebay accounts, do I need to use two different apps, for example, your Salez and AuctionMate on my Pre?

    Thank you again for your nice job!
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