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    The lack of quality control is starting to bother me a bit. Now I'm not talking about a crap app in general I am talking about an app that just does not work as it was intended by the developer. Case in point I just downloaded World Weather watch : time and weather app from the catalog for $1.99 now that's not alot too me but I do expect it too work but this one shows the time way off from what it should be my pre is set correctly to to correct time zone but when I set a location to Atlanta Ga it should be 1 hour ahead of me but instead it's several hours ahead and it's the same for any city I have set.

    Normally I would wait for more reviews before I download a paid app but I figured it can't be that hard to get the weather and time correct guess I was wrong. I've seen this kind of thing on other apps too where they need an update right after there put in the catalog.

    So why does Palm not have better quality control do they even look at the apps before they put them in.
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    It's not Palms job to enforce quality, just that it meets their requirements of a webOS app, and apparently faulty time logic is not included, I don't quite believe they run through every app's feature and if they did, could easily have never even bumped into the problem you found. This type of complaint is for the write of the app, and at least put a review informing other people not to buy, if it's really bad palm might intervene, but that's once again not their purpose nor do they have the capacity.

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