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    what are your favorites?
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    Sam and Max Hit the Road and Day of the Tentacle are my favorites.

    Indian Jones and the Fate of Atlantis isn't bad either.
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    Day of the Tentacle FTW!!!

    Be sure to get the talkie version
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    I loved The 7th Guest as a kid (it's a puzzle-centered game with a horror/mystery motif), it doesn't run perfect on the Pre but it's not bad.
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    samīnīmax and the dig... full thortle...
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    Monkey Island 3 = WIN!

    The dig is the game I'm playing at the moment and its awesome too. I got stuck cause I cant right click though.

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    Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards
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    My two top picks:
    Sam and Max
    Day of the Tentacle

    King's Quest IV (hell, and 3, 2, and 1 for that matter)
    Full Throttle
    The Dig
    Beneath a Steel Sky (FREE ON SCUMMVM.ORG)

    I know quite a few people are partial to the Monkey island games, and Indy Jones and the fate of Atlantis as well.

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