I downloaded and paid for Asphalt 5 a few days ago, and find this to be a fun and challenging racing game. It's so cool! This is a well thought out game with good graphics, and has many levels to achieve to obtain faster car selections.

So far I've only been able to get to the 2nd level, I can't wait to get to the highest level so I can start racing with the Ferraris and other exotic cars. By the way, does anyone know how to unlock the "girls"? Apparently this is also a feature that will only show up after you've reached a certain level, which I haven't yet.

Just a forewarning: This game is a memory hog! You virtually cannot have any other app running while this game is on! You will get the dreaded "not enough memory" message. Also, this game takes a loooooong time to download.

It's worth the several dollars!