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    ...with the new update, at least won't be hesitant to doctor my pre as much anymore...did the full erase and use the encrypted email sent to restore data in the application and it worked well...
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    Yep, a cobbled together backup solution! Better late, than never! Will be interesting to see how the forthcoming SplashID Live works, and what they'll charge for it. At least the encrypted email backup provides some piece of mind, though I'm leery to delete my data just to test the restore function!
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    How do you use the encrypted email to restore data? I sent the encrypted email to my work email... now what ?
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    Me too! How do you use the encrypted email to restore data to the Splash ID on your Pre?
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    there's a "Restore" option in the app menu (same place just below where the "backup" option is), click and instructions are pretty much self explanatory -- basically open the email, copy all then paste it into the space provided in the "restore" screen, click restore...hope it helps
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    Make sure that you use the same password though for the new database you want to restore to too.

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