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  • Slacker Radio

    21 46.67%
  • Pandora

    18 40.00%
  • Other

    6 13.33%
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    I'm liking Slacker radio a lot recently.
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    I haven't yet tried Slacker on account of already having multiple Pandora stations saved. I'm waiting on a app though, or at least the ability to turn on scrobbling.
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    i like slacker better the music selection seems smarter than pandora
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    No dashboard navigation in Slacker makes Pandora the easy choice. (Until Grooveshark comes out, then all bets are off.)
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    Radiotime has taken over for my listening.
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    I like Slacker, but the deal-breaker for me is that it doesn't recognize my BT headset controls = Fail.
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    You need to add an option for both. I use both Pandora and Slacker.
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    Who thinks Pandora has better sound quality on the Pre than Slacker?
    I love Slacker's music selection but their sound is flatter than Pandora's.
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    Datpiff mobile app takes the cake for me........ Id rather listen to brand spankin new mixtapes then some old commercial pandora music. And it also has dashboard navigation!

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