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    I, like some of you, have been looking around for a Tumblr app. Somebody here had started developing one, but seems to have stopped development because no one has seen the final app.

    I popped over to Tumblr and shot a message to their support folks (I have talked to them before about other things), and asked them about a webOS app. I mentioned that they already had an "official" iphone Tumblr app, and that it should not be very difficult to port it to webOS. Their reply was:

    "I can't tell you how much we appreciate your support and feedback. I've passed your Palm Pre WebOS suggestion along to our development team."

    Granted, it reeks of a stock answer. Still, it shows that they HAVE a development team, and will forward requests to them. Maybe if we get them flooded with requests for a webOS app, they'll take note.

    Pop a note over to and let 'em know we want a tumblr app! (Even if you don't send them a message to help those of us who do!)
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    done.... and bump... we need to get this accomplished...
    palm m103 > palm m130 > palm TlX > 755p > PRE (FINALLY!!!!)
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    Hey guys,

    In my continuing efforts to get a Tumblr app for webOS, I have been in touch with mobelux, the developers of the official Tumblr app for iPhone. I connected with them on twitter and asked them about their willingness to do a port of their app to webOS, and their response was:

    "We never say never :]"

    So, my advice is, if you really want them to do one (and the iphone app looks very good), let them know. You can reach them at:

    @mobelux on twitter

    If they see there really is a market for it (and let them know you'd pay for it), maybe they will work on one!

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    Ok people, it is looking more and more like there will not be an official webOS tumblr app coming from Tumblr or Modelux (keep hammering them though just in case). this means it will be left up to the development community here I am guessing. Someone had mentioned starting work on one soon. Any news, anyone?

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