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    So where they at? I am referring to the 10 free subscriptions listed in the blog here:

    This was originally posted back on the 11th, I am curious, I didn't see an update about the winners, anybody know anything?

    Cut me Some Slack Already!

    The Best Things in Life are Free.
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    Guess you didn't win.
    Me too.
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    Yeah would be nice to get reviews from the winners
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    Winners are:

    One year subscription:

    * imex99
    * Kyusaku
    * steven.singer

    Three month subscription:

    * BJBlechman
    * jfaneuf
    * DoeRing
    * StrobeAlific
    * tjc501
    * emair
    * djclint

    Blog Link:

    Congrats, be sure to check back and let us know what is better about it, and if its worth the money on WebOS!

    Thanks all...
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    WoW, can't believe I won out of all those entries.....
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    Have any of the other winners received an email yet detailing how to get the subscription?

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