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    From Skype site:
    Skype and Verizon Wireless are set to launch a new service, Skype mobile™ that enables customers to use Skype on a variety of best-selling Verizon Wireless BlackBerry® and Android™ 3G Smartphones.

    In addition to free Skype-to-Skype global calling and low rates to international landlines and cell phones, Skype will be ‘always on’, meaning customers can receive Skype calls, instant messages and see friends’ presence anytime. And, Skype usage won’t be charged against customers’ monthly Verizon Wireless data plans or minute allowances.

    I think Palm will come out with a nice Skype app also, soon.
    However, I don't expect greedy wireless providers to follow-up, they want to make money with their long distance plans.
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    why do you think that?
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    Nothing in there about the Pre, so I wonder how soon, if soon at all.
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    I really want a Skype app for the Pre. I used the one on my iPod Touch while my husband was abroad and it was great, but I had to borrow my dad's MiFi to have wifi everywhere (didn't have my Pre or MHS at the time). Would be great to drop a gadget and just have it all on my Pre.
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    It's all speculation. We probably won't see a Skype app for WebOS for at least another 6 months.
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    Quote Originally Posted by storino03 View Post
    It's all speculation. We probably won't see a Skype app for WebOS for at least another 6 months.
    Assuming that 1.4 brings mic APIs, a Skype app should be relatively easy and quick to build. I don't really think that Sprint cares as LD is included in everyone's Everything plans...don't see a conflict here and there's really not been a huge revenue source for people calling overseas on their mobile with so many other low cost alternatives.
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    I would kill for a Skype app!

    I call the US a lot from Canada and Bell's long distance rates are nuts. So I use Skype to make my all my calls. Right now the only way to use Skype on my Pre is the previously mentioned IM Plus for Skype WebOS edition webpage. (IM+ for Skype, Palm webOS version)

    I payed 8 dollars for a lifetime licence and it works quite well. I use it a lot and I have no problems with it (can't say the same about AT&T.)
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    What you talking about?

    Skype is already on WebOS in this form:

    IM+ for Skype :: Palm WebOS :: Products
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    Quote Originally Posted by PowerUser View Post
    What you talking about?

    Skype is already on WebOS in this form:

    IM+ for Skype :: Palm WebOS :: Products
    ... And you have to use your cell minutes for that. The goal is to have Skype work the way it's intended to, over a data connection.
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    Those of us familiar with Skype know that it's free to use as long as you're both on Skype. However, most calls made on Skype aren't free. To call another mobile, you pay. To call a landline, you pay.
    Verizon, Sprint, Skype, Vonage, etc... are public companies in business to make money. If you think that Skype for webos is going to allow you to make calls for free, you're sadly mistaken.
    Here you go... Great rate phone calls with Skype
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    It says that it (Skype on the device) will always be on. If this will be an app it will put a significant drain on the battery.
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    I am not too fussed about Skype, but a SIP app is definitely something I would love to see coming to webos
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    I used Voxofon to call a friend from work who retired and moved back to the U.K. The service worked fine and the rates were decent. The only time I would need a VoIP type service is for international calls so the lack of Skype doesn't effect me, and since I've found a decent alternative.....
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    I've had Skype us and Canada unlimited landline calls for 2 years. Only 26 dollars a year for all the landline calling you want.
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    If you want Skype for WebOS, add a +1 post here:
    Palm Pre - Support the device! - Skype Community
    (you have to login with your skype account to post)
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    Skype is TOTALLY WORTHLESS. On the Droid, Verizon deliberately had them cripple WiFi. You have to turn off Wifi to fire it up. This means that your Pre is a brick anywhere outside the US, one of the major points of having skype in the first place. Gotta also love the lack of using WiFi to improve call quality when available.

    Leave it to Verizon to cripple something all in the name of banging out as much money from its customers as possible, even for the most basic things.
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    Sprint Palm Pre/Verizon Pre Plus On Sprint/Sprint Pixi Hybrid with WIFI
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    Quote Originally Posted by gitit20 View Post
    Why, because Android has it and webOS doesn't? Just like Flash, right? Never really wanted it anyway...

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