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    I logged into the app store and all of the games from EA and Gameloft have updates, but none of the updates seemed to fix anything. There is still the Card-Error. So why were there updates to these games? Since the updates were for games from different developers; I would imagine this update was from Palm.

    Anyone know what these updates were suppose to be for?
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    1.4 must be imminent.
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    Maybe what ever possible ways 1.4 is using to improve efficiency needs the games to be patched or something like that. I remember some people here talking about 1.4 builds being passed to developers recently. Maybe these updates are the result of that?
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    ^ same as my thoughts
    Palm prē-ist.
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    1.4 has been out to developers for a few weeks from what ive heard although they did release something new a few days ago to early access developers... i was thinking more along the lines of something new for pdk
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    I hopes it's part of an OS Update. Palm had that app partion limit in place, because the OS couldn't handle the advanced games early on. So once they got that worked out and updated the OS; we starting seeing a bunch of great advanced games. So maybe there is some other feature that has been locked, but will now be unlocked because the updated OS can handle it. Hopefully the Card-Error issue will also be fixed, because I'm so sick of Resetting my phone; just to play a video game.

    So I (REALLY) hope these game updates are part of the next WebOS upgrade!
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    they will implement some kind of garbage collection app or something that works better than the current system. At least I hope so anyways.
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    Maybe just maybe updating the app so it moves up the list so its the first to be seen in the recent list
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    I would personally like to see an update to Google Maps that would allow for Turn-By-Turn directions, and a faster Pre reset time. But who knows what the update will bring.
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    I have noticed the game updates have fixed a lot of the (Card-Error) issues. Games like The SIM's 3 would crash and I wouldn't be able to open it again; until I reset the phone. So far though; I have not run into these problems since the game updates came out. I wish I know exactly what the update fixed, but it's not that big of a deal. I'm just glad this problem is now fixed.

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