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    I might just be missing it but is there any history for addresses you've entered? accidentally closed the app and then i lose the address and directions, and it sucks trying to look up an address and reenter it while driving(yes i know im not supposed to use while driving).
    also is there a patch that makes sprint nav pop up for universal search? because that saves your queries in a list for later.
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    I have had mixed experiences with Google Maps remembering my last searches. When I go into to the search menu and tap the "Enter destination address" box, it shows a drop down with my last 4 searches. Also, if you have the address in Contacts, you can tap the address and it will open Google Maps to the address and you can navigate to it from your current location.

    Also, for people reading this who aren't on Sprint. Have you tried Google Maps with GPS Dashboard Plus? You can run GPS Dashboard in the Pre dashboard below Google Maps and it gives you basic GPS data. Not quite a full GPS solution, but a workable alternative until someone releases a turn-by-turn navigation solution for those of us not on Sprint with free Sprint Nav.

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