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    I'm sorry if this has been asked before. I did a search on this site and on Google and couldn't find much. Anyway, here's the situation:

    Bought a brand new Pre yesterday.
    Updated to (latest version).
    Every single time I try to use the Photos app, I just get a gray screen and the spinning progress icon.

    What is the deal? I used the camera but I can't find the picture anywhere. The Photos app just spins and spins forever. Is there something I have to do to make it work? Is it taking a long time because I have a Facebook account? Does it have to download every single one of my Facebook photos before it will work?

    EDIT: I did some more searching and found some other people who've had the same problem:

    forums dot precentral dot net/palm-pre/216096-photos-not-loading.html
    forums dot precentral dot net/palm-pre/211164-problems-photos.html
    forums dot precentral dot net/palm-pre/200515-photos-app-doesnt-work-help-cannot-mms.html

    None of them had their questions answered, though. I haven't installed any homebrew apps yet, just a few things from the app catalog. Help?

    EDIT: I feel stupid. A soft reset did it. Not sure why it worked this time... I restarted the phone last night a couple times and nothing changed. Oh well.
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