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    Has anyone figured out how to play a game against a CPU opponent using this app? Is that even possible, or can you only play against other people? I'd like to shake off the rust against a computer opponent before I get my **** kicked by one of you!!
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    I don't believe there is a way to play against the computer with this app, there are some other chess apps out there that do that though.

    Sorry to tj, but I have another question. I have the preferences set up to check for my moves every 15 min, and it says it should alert me when it's my turn to move. I have never seen or heard a notification. Does the card have to be open for this to work, should it run in the background?

    Couldn't find much out there about this app yet, and didn't see any answers to this question. Maybe there aren't that many chess nerds like me out there on webos
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    I was wondering the same thing. I finally figured out the card has to be open for the notification to work. My screen name is scorpio117 if you are ever interested in a game
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    jes sent an invite to scorpio117 for a game.

    do you have to hear/see the notification when it happens, or does it put one of those little notification icons at the bottom of the screen for ya?
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    I can confirm that the previous post is correct as long as the card is open, a notification will appear and show on the bottom right of the screen until dismissed, like any other notification.

    And back to the original poster's question, I did find that if you tap the little home button on the bottom left of the screen in this app, you can get to some tips/tactics situations where you are put in certain situations and need to make one or a couple correct moves to 'solve' the problem. This is as good a way as any to refamiliarize yourself with the game, probably better than a full game against a computer opponent anyway. Hope this helps!

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