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    Palm Pre - Support the device! - Skype Community

    go there and pipe up...maybe our badass community can get something sturred up
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    thanks, replied on their website
    need to set up skype name and password to reply on their forums (free to register)
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    Added my vote!
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    Done Thanks
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    Did it 2. Thank's
    EDIT: no thank's button in mobile view. Sorry
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    We need more and more Pre users asking for skype or it isn't going to make any difference. I just posted my request.
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    for sure...bumpp keep it comin
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    done. +1
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    BACK upp babbbbyyy, would be awesome to get the pre plus onto Verizons list for free VOip like all the rest
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    Another county has been heard from...
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    Blaize, Mistress of Verbosity

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    Done. It really would be quite easy for them to port the iPhone code to webOS, hell they could probably do it right now with the webOS Internals PDK.

    With Gameloft cranking out 3D games as fast as they are Skype should be a cinch.
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    got my +1 on the linked page, thanks!

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    Come on Skype.., at least get a coming soon image up or something. You know it's only a matter of time before you HAVE to get one developed. Just do something and make your subscribers happy.
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    Well, the issue is that Palm hasn't opened up access to the microphone yet. Kinda hard to do skype calls when, you know, you can't use the microphone.
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    send it upppp keep em coming
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    if Skpe come to the Pre, would that enable Skype calls to be made over wi-fi when no network is available? I'm thinking specifically of international travel situations. TIA
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