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    I am new to palm (since Saturday) and there is something which I do not understand about the apps Store:

    If I go to the US palm application site

    palm -> us -> products -> software -> mobile-applications
    (sorry I cannot paste the URL, I have too less threads)

    I see a list of applications (games for example, tetris for example). If I open the AppStore on my pre I do not see the most of them.

    I live in germany. Is this the reason for it? I mean does the app store use the localization to decide weather the apps are available or not? Are those apps only for US? This makes no sense at all! Will it always be such that? How to get them anyway if this is the reason?

    If this is not the reason: where are they? How to get them?

    I know the app store is in beta version ... does anyone knows when will it be "released" (i mean not beta anymore?)
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    i think sometime in march app catalog will be out of beta and you will be able to download more apps im pretty sure US are the only one with paid apps in the catalog
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    Yes it does use determine what apps you have access too by your location. In the U.S. the app catalog is out of Beta and those apps listed are available to us. Unless I'm mistaken this should change for the U.K. in March, whether that means Germany, Canada, as well as the few other countries that haven't been officially talked about... Well I just don't know. I assume it does, but don't quote me on that because until it comes from Palm we can just guess.
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    thanks for the answer ....

    I really think it does not make any sense to "split" the stores for a web based (i.e. intrinsically "globalized"!!) phone, except there are some license issues on some apps ... (but in general they'll be quite few I guess) ...

    Anyway has anyone an idea how and to whom (palm or the software producer) are you going to pay for those apps?

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